Summary: Root File System Mounting Read Only

From: Bill Armand (
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 03:56:51 CDT

Thank You all that sent suggestions.

I'm afraid I didn't give you enough information up front. Even though, I
received some excellent suggestions. Most suggested I boot from the cdrom,
mount the root and then modify the necessary files. Actually, I had already
done that and the customers system is running properly.

I am using Volume Manager and I had been to Sunsolve so I already knew about
using the cdrom to boot and I knew how to Unencapsulate and/or fix my
problem that way.... :)

I just thought there might be another way... You know how it is....
sometimes others have great ideas and/or different ways of fixing the same

It seems to me I was working on a cluster several years ago and ran into
this same problem. It just seemed that we fixed it with the mount command
without using the cdrom.... :)

Thank you all

Annette Lee
Darren Dunham
Ted Meng
Mark Neill
Vern Walls
Derrick Young
Phil Nguyen


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