SUMMARY : Outlook Express on SUN machine

From: Hisham Al Saad (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 19:50:14 CDT

I have got out of office auto replies more than replies I was looking for

Caparrosso, Nelson seggusted this :
Export messages on SUN Outlook Express as a pst or txt file, ftp the file to
your PC (Do not just import off a shared folder on your SUN, as PC and UNIX
file formats differ bec. of CR/LF).
Then import on your PC Outlook...

When I checked Outlook express I didn't find the Export option.

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>I apologize if this might be off topic.
>I am using MS-Outlook Express as a mail client on Solaris 2.6, now I need
>import all messages from the Sun machine to a Windows PC Outlook client
>I tried to import the messages by using Outlook import messages option from
>the files stored on the mail folder but it seems that it does not recognize
>the format. Has anyone an idea how can I import the mesages from the Sun
>machine to the PC, otherwise I'll have to forward all these messages and
>reread them on the PC -around 900 messages-.

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