SUMMARY: Newbie Can't Install Sol8 on Ultra 1

From: Vince Sabio (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 15:19:04 CDT


Here's what worked: At the suggestions of several people, I simply
told the installer that I was not using DNS (I selected "none" --
i.e., no name service at all), and the installation proceeded without
a hitch.

I had also [previously] tried a suggestion of using a DNS IP number
that was within the same subnet as the machine's IP number, but that
didn't work.

Following installation, I created the /etc/resolv.conf and
/etc/defaultrouter files, and things seem to be functioning fine (or
at least nslookup is functioning fine).

I would love to individually list everyone who contributed
suggestions, but the list is as long as my arm. I do wish to thank
everyone who helped out, though -- including Jason Magouirk, who had
the most detailed information, and deserves a special thanks for the
extra effort.

Thanks again to everyone who responded. An UltraSparc is much more
productive when it has an OS installed on it. <g>

- Vince

** Sometime around 2:08 PM -0400 4/21/00, Vince Sabio said:

>Hi folks,
>I just bought an Ultra 1, and I'm trying to install Solaris 8 on a
>brand-new disk (new installation, not an upgrade). It seems to
>[start the] install just fine. Then I get to the part where you have
>to provide the network parameters, which ain't exactly brain
>surgery, and at the end of that section it tells me "The Name Server
>information entered is incorrect, please go back and enter the
>correct information." Well heck, it's just a couple of IP numbers;
>I'm using them on six other machines here, so I know they're valid.
>I tried using just one DNS IP number, actually I tried a bunch of
>different things, but I won't bore you with it all. Nothing works.
>About all I could do at this point is tell the installer that I'm
>not using a network, and then simply configure it all later, but I'm
>new to Solaris administration (I currently do Linux and OS X
>Server), and I'd prefer to at least start off with as much hand
>holding as the installer can provide.
>Any ideas on what could possibly be the problem? Just FYI, the DNS
>IP numbers that I'm entering are Nothing particularly
>odd there. In fact, what struck me as odd was that the installer
>didn't ask me for a router IP number. Guess I have to enter that
>Any help on this will be greatly appreciated....
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