SUMMARY: Web Proxy Options

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Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 14:54:24 CDT

Thanks to all that responded:
Neill, Mark
Marc P. Rinfret
Jonathan Burelbach
Don Krause
Scott Howard
Alan Orndorff
Adrian Blount
Craig Anderson
Rodney Wines
Sandy Gordon

I asked:

 js> I discovered today that Netscape/iPlanet appear to be droping their
 js> Proxy server product. Does anybody have suggestions for an
 js> alternative? The Directory of Information Security is a UNIX fan, and
 js> would like to keep this service running on a UNIX platform.

 js> Our requirements are that it be a product with available service, and
 js> support LDAP authentication.

I got suggestions for a number of possibilities:

squid (
        Most people suggested this product.

gauntlet (nai)
        This apparently only runs on HPUX, we are a Sun shop.

socks (
        requiring socks-aware clients are something to avoid.

AccessMaster (
        Apparently Bull is the company that Netscape sold their proxy
        server to. It is supposedly included in the AccessMaster
        product. Possibly severe overkill for what we want to do.

Inktomi Traffic Server (
        This looks like another heavyduty application, it is used by
        many large sites including AOL.

Squid 2.x looks like it might meet our needs. Thanks for all the

Many people also asked for information about Netscape droping support
for their Proxy Server product. Here are a few key URLs:

The Proxy Server 3.5x Product Maturity/EOL statement.

Netscape's End-Of-Life page.


Johnie Stafford
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