From: N.A.Johnson (ursa-major@ghostbear)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 13:09:23 CDT

Thanks to all who responded

Special thanx to:

James Ford
Kristian Forde

The sugestions that I received were to use the .mc file to create a . I passed this info to th apps folks. The other sugestin
was a application called Exim.


CMR Ursa-Major Clan Ghostbear ------------------------------------------------------------------------

My heart does not know fear My claws do not know shame For I am a warrior My clan shall not be disgraced With my tongue I offer fealty With my claws I unsheathe victory With my head bowed I shall lie down And offer up my life for honor I shall not fear the enemy For he conquer justice For it is my duty to rise against evil Even in the face of death. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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