SUMMARY: problems with dtlogin and sunray

From: Antonia Gomez (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 12:57:16 CDT

My original question:

> Hello!
> We have solaris 2.6 in a ultra 10 and 10 sunrey apliances , all was

> ok even 2 weeks ago when we have found the next error in the Xerros:
> - error (pid 450): Server unexpectedly died
> - error (pid 450): Server for display :12 can't be started.
> and from this, always we have 1 sunrey with green newt waiting the
> Xserver is up. The rest of sunrey are up, only the assigned to the
> display 12 is not up.
> We think that is a problem of dtlogin , but we don't know resolv it.
> Any suggestion?

The problem is that we use secure shell (ssh) with X11 forwarding and
like this package use the same ports that dtlogin (Xsun) , the error is
that this port is busy. The software of sunray don't check that the
port is free.
Actually, we have desactivated the X11 forwarding, and all is ok.


Antonia Gomez Gonzalez
FIB (Laboratori de Calcul) UPC

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