Summary: XNTP on E10K

From: Qureshi, Malahat (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 09:59:28 CDT

First of all Thanks for replying

2- Vince Merrell
3- Mike DeMarco
4- Allan West
5- Al Hopper

but the orignal solution is came up from Sun Solution Center if We have to
upgrade the OS from 2.5.1 to 2.6 or 2.7 because there is a problem in xntp
package on 2.5.1 which , I upgarded to 2.7 and now it's working fine...

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> >The Question is
> >Q:- One of our business units running on E10K (One frame with One domain
> >configuration) with 36 CPU and 9 GB RAM,and sparc 2 SSP, due to business
> >need , we required to drift down our Unix systems clock 7 min behind from
> >the current time otherwise client won't communicate any way , we are
> running
> >xntp between SSP and domain means domain getting the time from SSP and we
> >synced both of them exact 7 min behind but since last Dec. after 3 or 4
> >months system and SSP losing the time more then required like 3 min. or
> >more which causing the apps problem , I tried every thing Sun replace the
> >sparc 2 clock battery , I did replaced/re-install new SUNWxntpd package ,
> >work around the ntp.conf file ...still same thing ...
> >Any Guru have any idea......

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