Summary: Booting 4500

From: Phil Nguyen (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 04:34:35 CDT

Thanks for all the replies!

Basically, the boot time ranges from 10 minutes to 40 minutes depends on the
diag level. Well, my 4500 took 4 hours to boot and the diag level was set to
min. The system just sat there for about half an hour after probing each
sbus and the system has eight. It turned out that there was a sbus error
which the PROM diag didn't catch. The error didn't even show up until I
rebuilt the root disk. Also, removing the raid driver (SUNWosa* packages)
broke my VxVM encapsulated root disk. I ran into some very strange problems
over the weekend.

Now, the boot time is under 10 min. Thanks again for all the responses.


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Does anybody know approx. how long it takes to boot a 4500 with 8 CPUs, 8GB
RAM, and 8 D1000s (48 disks total)? The system seems to hang after the
copyright message. The tick (|) doesn't even spin.

TIA for any hints.


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