SUMMARY: Samba Problem

From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 19:26:37 CDT


My original post is at the bottom.

I got my first 20 replies within 1/2 hour of the original post.
Thanks for being so repsonsive.

Of the total of 37 responses, there were about 30 different answers.
That is good too especially when you consider that I could not get a
single response from the SAMBA list for 3 weeks straight.

Laurel Aurthur, among a couple others got the right idea:
remove the user's profile on the NT side.

So this was a fix on the NT side instead of UNIX.

However it does benefits me as a UNIX Sys Admin. because I can now prove
that it is NOT a UNIX problem but an NT problem.

thanks again for the many, timely, and varied replies,


My original post:


I was hesitant to post this as it does not DIRECTLY concern the solaris
O/S. But, looking through the archives, I saw many postings related to SAMBA.

I have already tried the SAMBA list to no avail.

Here it is:
I have a network of NT workstations that utilizes samba to access
some sparc solaris 2.6 boxes.

I have 30 users who are able to use samba to access the sparcs from their
NT boxes via Windows NT explorer just fine.

I have 2 users who cannot do this from their NT boxes.
They get the "Incorrect Password or Unknown Username" error.

I did do the modification to the NT registry(added DWORD
EnablePlainTextPassword with a hex value of 0X0000001) like I do with all
my users. This did not make a difference. The users still get the
"Incorrect Password or Unknown Username" error.

However, If they attempt the same thing from a different NT workstation,
they can access a sparc box via Win NT explorer just fine.

Also, I can log in as myself on one of the afflicted NT boxes and access
the sparcs via Win NT explorer just fine as well.

Any ideas?



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