SUMMARY: Openwin & HotJava help

From: Don Lamb (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 13:24:05 CDT

Good Morning All,

Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my email request for help.
>From the responses I received, there appears to be a couple different
methods to accomplish this task. I have since tried out and was successful
with both solutions. I have summarized both solutions below and thanks
again for everyone's help.

        - Solution #1
                sudo touch ~/.solregis/disable

                logout, login.

        - Solution #2
                When hotjava pops up, there are be 2 buttons down at the
                One is labeled "Register" and the other "More Information".
                Select the "More Information" button, then the "Never
                Register" button on the next 2 windows which appear.

Thanks again,
Donald R. Lamb
Database Administrator
Springfield Public Schools
Springfield, Oregon

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