[SUMMARY]Load Dynamic LIB

From: Al-Jilani, Ahmed (asjilani@eluminant.com)
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 10:41:00 CDT

I would like to thank those that responded and gave a lead on how to solve
my problem.

Matthew Stier
George Cox
Rahul Roy

The Application was looking by default in /usr/lib/ . The LIB that is
required by the App. was in /usr/openwin/lib.
when I created a link to this LIB in /usr/lib every thing went fine and
the App. runs without any error.

Thanks again


 I am trying to run an Application called MaCabe . When I try to run one
> of the programs that came with the App., it complains about that one of
> the Dynamic Lib is not there. I copied the required file to its
> destination and still doesn't work. I defined a variable called
> LD_PRELOAD=./newstuff.so.1 prog . It kinds of work but it still complain

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