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Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 01:29:12 CDT

Hi again ,

Thanks too all who spend time to answer my question : baurjan,Ross,
Lefteris Skapetis ,JIMMY CARTER, Matt ,Mike Westerfield,Birger,
Burak H. BAYSAL,John Malick
The conclusion is CITRIX can be a excellent compromise solution for the
MS users that use SunRay devices.

On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 06:09:19PM +0300, Daniel Nica wrote:
> "users" who wants to use Microsoft Office on SunRay .
> My question is if anybody have a solution with NT Sever (Citrix) and
> SunRay terminals , I was looking on CITRIX web page to find
> but without success , I want to know which citrix module we need to

I'm not an expert with the Sunray, but I support both Unix and NT for
a large and varied user base and what you are looking at installing
Microsoft Terminal Server with Citrix Metaframe on a decent x86-based
server and run the Citrix client on the Sunray.

The ICA clients can be downloaded from and
include one that is Java-only. From then on, it's a Windows thing.
Look at in the Advanced Administrator's Guide
for more information on using the clients with the Sunray.

A few notes (rants?) on Terminal Server+Metaframe: The rule of thumb
for sizing the server is optimistic- we're looking at 1GB of RAM
and dual P2-450's to support 10 concurrent users with full desktop
replacements; RAM is the greatest limiter on performance, CPU speed is
not noticeable; The Unix clients are months behind the Win32 client
in terms of features; The Java client works great but is slow; A
caching SCSI controller proved to be more important than fast drives;
There is no effective security, do not let anyone have power-user or
administrative rights; The systems are easily hosed, build the box to
be disposable and easy to restore; Many applications will not run under
Terminal Server including many Java-based ones; and, last but not least,

it's a Windows thing.

- Ross

I just installed this for a demonstration of the SUN Ray's. You need 3
things: A machine running NT 4.0 Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe 1.8
for NT 4.0 Terminal Server and the Solaris ICA client
(available for download via Citrix ftp site
running on the Solaris server that is "hosting" the SUN Ray's.

I also understand that this will work on Win2K, but I have not tried


We demoed a Sunray not too long ago.
The ICA client for solaris, running on the server and displaying
to the sunray was working just fine, with audio and everything.
that would be the easiest thing to try, download the lattest client

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