SUMMARY: Apache Proxy and segmentation fault

From: Martin H. Hoz-Salvador (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 17:18:20 CDT

Hi again managers!

I recently asked for clues with an apache 1.3.3 acting as
proxy for a small network, over Solaris 2.6 and an Ultra 10.
The machine behaviour is going into heavy load and the apache
logs said nasty things like:

httpd: [Wed Mar 29 22:12:49 2000] [notice] child pid 11124 exit signal
Segmentation Fault (11)

I also asked for what exacly is a Segmentation Fault.

Well. The problem was fixed with an upgrade to apache 1.3.12

I want to thank to Carl, Erin Jones and Graham Legget, who pointed
me that a segmentation fault "happens when a program tries to access
memory outside of the memory it has been given to use. When this
happens the program is terminated immediately. In the case of Apache,
one the Apache children will die and will be replaced by a new process,
and a mention of this is made in the log file.", "segmentation fault
occurs when the program tries to access a memory location outside of
its allowed blocks. usually a pointer error if I recall correctly."
and even more simple: "It's a bug".

I like this last definition. ;-) Thank you all.

-- M. Hoz

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