SUMMARY: FTP directory permissions

From: Grant Lowe (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 10:19:58 CDT


I know this is late in coming, but I've been playing with different things.
Suggestions included:
You could try running in.ftpd in a chrooted setup. It is going to get a tad
messy if you want them to access their own home directories though. Why
isn't wu-ftpd an option? It is implemented just like you want in thousands
of sites around the world.
I recommend using proftpd. It's very configurable, with excellent online
documentation, and not to mention a very helpful mailing list. There was
talk about doing exactly what you want the other day.
I don't know how you'd do it with Sun's ftpd, but I use ProFTP, and it will
allow this and all sorts of other very secure features. If you've got
problems with wu-ftpd because of corporate types and freeware, then you may
still have the same problem.
In the man page for in.ftpd there is a script that you can cut and paste to
create the ftp directory.
take a look at <>
it is a very cost effective secure solution.
Here is an INFO DOC from Sun that covers this issue. The doc number is
16125 if you need to get it from sunsolve.
chroot is prolly yer key here.
Thanks to:
DAVID,Anthony []
Stacey Conrad []
Scott Ruffner []
James Ranks []
Timothy Lorenc []
Martin D. Baldenegro (RRNC) []
I ended up not using any of these as that would mean we would have to
re-write our code. I just used a simple chmod 700 for our directories.
Thanks for all the help! You guys are really fast and helpful.
Original question:
Does anybody know how to setup FTP so that when a user logs in, he/she can't
go up to a higher level directory than their default login directory? I was
told by Sun to use WU's FTP, but that isn't an option for us. Any and all
suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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