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From: Allan West (
Date: Thu Apr 20 2000 - 08:14:41 CDT

The initial winning answer (see below) is from J Michael Mosley

  We edited the file /usr/dt/config/sessionetc and commented out the "feature":

  # This code initalises the workspace menu the first time the user
  # logs in to a locale.
  #if [ -f $HOME/.dt/$LANG/dtwmrc -a ! -f $HOME/.dt/$LANG/prewsmenu.dtwmrc \
  # -o -f $HOME/.dt/dtwmrc -a ! -f $HOME/.dt/prewsmenu.dtwmrc ]
  # # dtwmrc and no prewsmenu.dtwmrc: preserve user's customizations
  # :
  # if [ ! -d $HOME/.dt/$LANG ]
  # then
  # mkdir $HOME/.dt/$LANG
  # fi
  # if [ ! -d $HOME/.dt/wsmenu ]
  # then
  # dtaction RestoreWsmenuDir;
  # fi
  # if [ ! -f $HOME/.dt/$LANG/dtwmrc ]
  # then
  # dtaction RestoreDtwmrc;
  # dtaction UpdateWorkspaceMenu;
  # elif [ $HOME/.dt/wsmenu -nt $HOME/.dt/$LANG/dtwmrc ]
  # then
  # dtaction UpdateWorkspaceMenu;
  # fi

I attempted to make this "neat" by copying the file into
/etc/dt/config/sessionetc and then editing it. This did not over-ride the
original in /usr/dt/. My understanding is that the editing of a file under
/usr/dt/ should be unneccesary if a matching /etc/dt/ file exists, so I have
filed a bug report with Sun service. I'll re-summarize if they offer a better

Thanks to all the human respondants:
  J Michael Mosley <>
  Ofer Licht <>
  Rob <> (Imre Kolos)
  Roger Fujii <>

> Has anyone found a neat, system-wide way to subvert the Solaris 7 CDE
> automagic workspace menu creation program?
> The not-so-neat method is:
> cp -p /etc/dt/config/C/sys.dtwmrc ~/.dt/C/dtwmrc
> cp -p /etc/dt/config/C/sys.dtwmrc ~/.dt/C/wsmenu.dtwmrc
> cp -p /etc/dt/config/C/sys.dtwmrc ~/.dt/C/prewsmenu.dtwmrc
> which seems to override the automagic replacement of our desired menu.
> My department has a workspace menu (right-click on the background outside a
> window) which is configured with all the software we want the users to access
> easily. This configuration is in the file /etc/dt/config/C/sys.dtwmrc which
> over-rides the default /usr/dt/config/C/sys.dtwmrc file. For each user who is
> new to the Solaris 7 boxes, we get this behavior:
> log in to Solaris 7 box
> right-click and get the good departmental menu exactly once
> right-click and get the generated menu every time afterwards
> I can repeat this all day (I just did) by removing the contents of ~/.dt/C/
> and then logging in again. While I was searching for instances of "dtwmrc" to
> trace the problem I found a likely culprit:
> /usr/dt/bin/sdtdir2dtwmrc
> This program appears, based on the man page, to search the directory tree
> starting at /usr/dt/config/C/wsmenu and create menu items based on the files
> and directories therein.
> I cannot find any reference to a "nice" way to disable this "feature", and it
> is completely undocumented on web site, per repeated searches.
> Any recommendations or pointers to further documentation are welcome. I'd
> prefer not to have to make three copies of our menu settings in every single
> user's directory.
> Thanks, Allan

Allan West
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