SUMMARY: A 64bit Solaris 7 cdrom.....????

From: German, Vinnie (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 13:19:07 CDT

Thanks to all of those who replied:

Dik Casper
Craig Raskin
John Malick

Original question:

 I just need to clarify my thoughts on something which I think I saw here on
> this Sun Manager list.
> If I'm not mistaken I believe I read and e-mail stating that: If you want
> to do an Upgrade/Install to
> Solaris 7 and the Solaris 7 CD you're using is in a "64-bit format" you
> not be able to do a
> "boot cdrom" from this Solaris 7 CD unless you're running 64-bit on the
> machine you're trying to
> do you Upgrade/Install. Is this true or I missunderstood that e-mail
> I can not find now.
> And if it's true, -What's the benefit of creating this 64-bit cdrom?
> Once again, I might be confuse here -that's the reason of my posting.


It was just a misunderstanding which I had. and this is how it's:

Whatever OS I'm running should not have impact on Solaris 7 capability to
and as Dik Casper also suggested there is not such a thing as a 64bit cdrom.

John Malick also suggested the following:
The solaris 7 CD is readable by all machines. After you're done with the
install you can choose to run in 32 or 64 bit mode depending on the
architecture of the machine you're running.

Thanks again,

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