SUMMARY: iPlanet Messenger 4.15

From: Kent Perrier (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 08:43:39 CDT

Kent Perrier wrote:
> All,
> I am attempting to run iPlanet (Netscape) Messenger on Solaris 8.
> iPlanet
> tells me that it is not supported under Solaris 8. They want me to
> back rev my machines to 2.6 Does anyone out there have this working
> under Solaris 8?

While I received several messages from people saying that everything
was working fine, no one was able to help me out. In my troubleshooting
i truss's the http process that is a part of Messenger and I saw that,
when you click the send button, https attempts to open a socket.
Upon further investigation, the SMTP process that comes with messenger
was not listening on localhost. This is not a bug in their product,
it is an unintended side effect of a configuration option that I

On this particular box, I want to run both Netscape Messenger and
Calendar. Both come with a web interface (and their own 'embedded'
http daemon). Both are "greedy" in that they bind to port 80 on all of
the IP addressees that are enabled on the box. I had bound an
IP address to hme0 with the intention that Messenger would use on and
Calendar would use the other. When I found out that they are greedy
I configured Messenger to bind to one IP address only. This also
to SMTP portion to that one IP address as well. Once I reinstalled
(since I was unable to find out how to undo the configuration change
I had made) the Webmail client works fine. Unfortunately I have to
reinstall Calendar as well so that it will listen on port 8080 instead
of port 80 on hme0:1



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