SUMMARY: webmail on solaris

From: Flavio Elizalde (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 21:40:47 CDT

Thanks to all who responded.

The Question:
> I looking for a good and "efficient" webmail tool (freeware or not) to
>install in an E450 with more than 25,000 accounts. Any suggestions? We use
>sendmail and qpopper.

The Answer:
I have receive many good suggestions of webmail tools. Here are some of the

IMP - - the most suggested one (IMAP) - free
NetWin WebMail - (POP or IMAP) - US$ 485
 Jaos Webmail - (Perl Script) - free
Sake Mail - (POP or IMAP) - US$2,000
Endymion - MailMan (POP - Perl
Script) - free for non-comercial
Mail Spinner -
(POP or IMAP) - ??
Critical Path Webmail - (POP or
IMAP) - ??
Twig - (IMAP - PHP ) - freeware

We will try some of these solutions soon. If you want to know about
our conclusions in the future, drop me a message in private.

All the best,

PS: The prices consider our situation: 1 server with 25,000+ users.

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