Summary: Solaris 8 Webinstall, won't configure net

From: System Prestidigitator (BOLSON@FRANGO.HS.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 17:11:31 CDT

Apparently, this is a very common, possibly universal, problem.
In general, the responses were to either use the older installation by booting
the Solaris software disk 1, or to install netless and configure the network
manually afterwards.

Thanks to:
Andrew Sit
Doug Otto
Daniel Lorenzini
Chris Graves
Adam Zimmerman
Thomas Carter
Bruce R. Zimmer
Argun B. Gorener
and, I'm sure, others who will be sending me similar answers.

If I get a solution, I'll post another summary.

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Subject: Solaris 8 Webinstall, won't configure net

I am searching the archives and SunSolve now, but hope that this is
stupidly obvious that I can get help with right away.

I have a brand new Ultra 80 dual processor system.
I decided to install Solaris 8 out of the box, and booted up the
I get to the network configuration and tell it my IP address, host name,
and that I intend to use DNS, and give it the servers. I notice it doesn't
for a router address - perhaps that is done thru discovery. I check
in the confirmation dialog box and it looks right.
I click Confirm and it says "there was an error, please check your entires".
Actually the FIRST time I got the message, it said it could not find the
Name Server. But I tried changing things (remember, all is correct as
on my other Suns, not running versin 8). It will not get past the Confirm

I tried looking at things from the Xterm or Console, but I didn't see what I

could change to make things work.

I will reboot again and start from scratch to see what happens. I saw no
warnings in release notes about special worries about the Ultra 80.
I should mention that my Ethernet connection is 100MHz, full duplex and my
switch indicates that the connection is at that speed.

Any advice?

Ed Bolson University of Washington Cardiac Imaging Lab
Box 356422, Room RR 616 Health Science Building, Seattle, WA, 98195-6422

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