SUMMARY: ufsdump command

From: Prabhat Karki (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 13:36:15 CDT

My original question was:
Hi Gurus,
I'm using ufsdump command to backup my file system to a 5gb 8mm tapedrive. My system is running Solaris7.
My file system is 4gb but somehow I can't do a complete backup in my 5gb tapedrive. After completing 85% it reaches the end of the tape. So I'm forced to use two tapes to complete the full backup. I've written a script to perform the full backup. I use the following parameters for compression.
ufsdump 0udsf 54000 13000
I'm not sure if the 54000 13000 is the correct parameters for Solaris7.

Any ideas on how can I compress to fit it in one 5gb tape

Thanks in Advance.


Thanks fto all the responses. Especially Michael Salehi, John Malick, Ronald Loftin, Kevin Korb.

The solution was not using the density d and s options and and let the Solaris detect the end of the tape by itself.

I did
ufsdump 0uf /dev/rmt/0 /filesystem

and could dump all of it in one tape.

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