SUMMARY: pls urgent patchadd problem

From: Riccardo Veraldi (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 08:04:52 CDT

thanks to many people who helped me and in particular Casper Dik and
Kristopher T. Briscoe found out what the real problem was.
The user nobody had not permission to read in the directory from which I
Was installing the pacth files. Solaris use a user nobody to process patch
installation if the system does not find a user install.
Since I do not haev an user install in my system, Solaris was using nobody
as install user, and nobody had not permission to read the path onto which
I put the patches.
I just copyed the patch files in /tmp and everythin gworked fine.

here follows the original answer:

I was trying to make a cluster install of many patches for my Solaris 7
x86 latest 99 version.

I got a lot of output error so I tryed installing every single patch by

I tryed first with patch number 106542-10 that is a kernel update patch.

It happens that on every patch I have the following tipical error
Do you wish to continue this installation {yes or no} [yes]?
(by default, installation will continue in 60 seconds)

Verifying sufficient filesystem capacity (dry run method)...
Installing patch packages...

Patch 106542-10 failed to install due to a failure produced by pkgadd.

then I looked inside hte log file:

righi [6:53pm]{root}[~/tmp]> less /var/sadm/patch/106542-10/log

This appears to be an attempt to install the same architecture and
version of a package which is already installed. This installation
will attempt to overwrite this package.

/export/home/r/rj45/tmp/106542-10/SUNWarc/install/checkinstall: /export/home/r/r
j45/tmp/106542-10/SUNWarc/install/checkinstall: cannot open
pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully
Dryrun complete.
No changes were made to the system.

the strange thing is that it tells me the patch is already installed while
in reality it is not installed because if I make a

patchadd -p the patch 106542-10 is not listed there.

the checkinstall script also I opened it looks ok so I do not understand
what the ": cannot open" error message refers to.

Could someone help me with this topic pls ?



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