SUMMARY: Disksuite kernel module won't load

From: Lusty Wench (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 00:01:49 CDT

The key to my problem was the first line below. For Solaris 7 you must
use Disksuite 4.2. For future reference, Solaris 8 requires Disksuite

Sunservice was very good about squeezing me in just before the cutoff
to get my answer today.


> Solaris 2.7, Disksuite 4.1
> I installed Disksuite with no apparent problems, then "reboot -- -r".
> When I try to create some device databases, metadb says:
> metadb: to-archive: /dev/md/admin: No such file or directory
> So I look on a working system and discover that /dev/md/admin is a link
> to /devices/pseudo/md@0:admin, which doesn't exist on my system.
> After some more checking, I discover (using modinfo) that the md kernel
> module is not loaded. I find it in /kernel/drv/md, but when I try
> "modload /kernel/drv/md" I get
> can't load module: No such file or directory
> Has anybody seen this before? I'm in dire need of getting this working
> tonight.
> Lusty

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