SUMMARY: Linux & Solaris

From: James Robertori (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 09:22:13 CDT

Dennis Behrens was the biggest help in that we reviewed our syslog.conf
files, and found them the same, his works, and mine doesn't (To a Linux
box) What I am trying to do is use a Linux box as a central LOGHOST for
some CISCO logging - now what I am trying to do is convert my management
from Linux to Solaris since I was able to get that piece working. Same
lines in /etc/syslog.conf - no good on the cheapie product, full
functionality on the Solaris box.

It also givews me great pleasure to say I'm not surprised.

Too many people to list individually gave recommendations on "Linux

Ken Torbin suggested:

Our own John Demarco suggested not using LINUX for NFS - good tip

The majority of the people offered comments like just jump in, the
water's fine

Thanks for the suggestions


James Robertori wrote:

> I swear, my fingers are burning as I type this, and I NEVER thought I
> would take this step, however, I'm in a bind.
> I am very experienced with Solaris & Sun OS, and now have to maintain
> some Red Hat Linux boxes.
> Can anyone recommend a book that covers Linux for the experienced
> Solaris Admin? I do not need or want a beginners book, but was hoping
> there was a book out like the Sun OS to Solaris migration of several
> years ago.
> Thanks, and will summarize.

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