Summary: truss output and child processes

From: Stuart Whitby (swhitby@Legato.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 09:02:36 CDT

Original question:

> I'm currently trying to debug some truss output to find out why
> things aren't working the way they should. I'm getting very
> confused, because according to a process listing, a process is
> launched as a child process of the one that I'm trussing. Yet
> in the truss output, there is no reference to this process. lsof
> doesen't show the child process either.
> This is on Solaris 2.6. Has anyone got any idea how this situation
> could occur?

Everyone has asked if I'm using the -f option. The reason I hadn't
done this is that this is going to give me output from a *lot* of
child processes, where all I really want to see is that the main
process receives one bit of information. I expected to see that
one child process was launched, where what it actually does is
forks an exec, which then launches the process. As such, running
a bog-standard truss won't show you what it's launching. The -f
option must be used to get this information. Sadly, that means
going through loads more output, but it looks like the only way to
do it.

Thanks to:
Daniel Lorenzini
Martin Carpenter
Joe Thykattil
James Coby
Marcos Assis Silva
Igor Schein

for their responses on this.

Stuart Whitby.

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