SUMMARY: Changing System information for a Solaris Box?

From: Conner McCleod (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 19:09:29 CDT

I have successfully configured the systems.

Thanks to all who replied:

David Evans <>
David Foster <>
Stuart Kendrick <>
parks fields <>
Cole, Jeff <>
Martin D. Baldenegro (RRNC) <>
Dufour, Marc <>
Thomas Wardman <>

The number was response was to look at the Man page for "sys-unconfig". Some
people did provide a list of files to change:

/etc/inet/hosts The Hosts file with IP and hostname
/etc/hostname.le0 (hme0) The file for network cards
/etc/nodename The file for the system node name
Then reboot the system

Some other lists included the above + these:

David Foster added these to the list:
/etc/X0.hosts (?)
/etc/bootparams (?)

Cole, Jeff Cole provide a detail path to the documenation at
If that doesn't work, go to click on browse by subject.
Look for System Administration in large letters, and then click on System
Administration below that. Scroll down to "Solaris 2.6 System Administrator
Collection Vol. 1" and click on that. After that page loads, click on
"TCP/IP and Data Communications Administration Guide". After that page
loads, click on Setting up and Administering TCP/IP networks". After that
page loads, go to "TCP/IP configuration files" That tells you the files you
will need to change. Hope this helps

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