SUMMARY : Solstice Backup 4.2 problems

From: Michael Lamont (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 15:40:10 CDT

        The solution to the problem turned out to be blowing away the
current index databases, and having Backup rebuild them from scratch. I
did this by shutting down the NetWorker daemons, removing the index file
located in /var/nsr/index, then restarting the Networker daemons.
        Gary Litwin shed some light on why this problem probably occurred
in the first place. Apparently, this version of Backup will claim there
are no cycles in the media database and force full backups whenever there
is a backup set anywhere in the index that has a date in the future. The
machine in question updates its time periodically from a time server on
campus, which had problems during the time change a few weeks ago. The
time server probably responded with an incorrect date far in the future
before backups occurred that night, but was corrected before I noticed it
the next afternoon.

Thanks to all who helped (in chronological order):

ajay sharma <>
John Julian <>
Douglas Hagan <>
Fernando Nantes de Souza <>
Stuart Whitby <swhitby@Legato.COM>
"Litwin, Gary" <>

The original question:

        I'm running Solstice Backup 4.2.6.a on an E450 with Solaris 7,
MU4. The backup software has run without a problem for over a year, until
the past week. Instead of doing incremental backups according to the
schedule, it performs a full backup every night. It also claims that no
cycles exist in the Index window, although I can see all of the save sets
and the correct information in the Volumes window. The documentation
claims that this error message can be caused by the client and server
having unsynchronized clocks, but this shouldn't be a problem since the
only server and only client are the same machine.
        Can anybody shed some light on this problem? I will summarize.

        Thanks everybody,
                                Michael Lamont <>
                                UNIX Systems Administrator
                                Network Computing & Communications
                                Western Kentucky University

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