SUMMARY: When is a System CPU bound or CPU Deficient?

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 10:17:21 CDT

Thanks to all that responded:

- In the absence of saturation condition for CPU, network and I/O the most
probable area to look at is Applications and Database tuning
- To get the most out of multi-processor systems, Oracle being a
multi-threaded system must be configured to make the most out of the
available cpu's
- The 167 mhz cpu in a multi-processor system should still be okay for
Oracle procesing.

Thanks all

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Revered Gurus

We have an UE 6000 (10 x 167 mhz cpu's), 4G Memory, 8 UW-SCSI controllers to
an EMC Symmetrix, VXFS w/ QIO and running Oracle 8.1.5. After so many
iterations of system and RDBMS tuning, we've not quite turned it around to
perform acceptably well. All performance stats show no bottleneck at all -
filesystems are doing well (we're using VXFS with Quick I/O), memory-wise
we're okay, acceptable w/io's and virtually no run queue lags.

My question, is it possible to conclude that the system may be CPU deficient
even if the signs of a CPU-bound system are not present? I base this on the
systems old CPU's - just 167mhz chips, so even if there's 10 of them, the
threaded processes running on the slow CPU's may be running slow - a simple
case of low processing power. I have been proposing just a CPU upgrade to
perhaps a 336 or a 400 mhz but I lack proof that the system is already CPU

Any thoughts would be appreciated and I will summarize.


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