SUMMARY: 3rd party RAID controller for U450 ?

From: Imre Kolos (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 10:04:24 CDT

No such thing.
I got one hint to query Data Net corp. but they have not answered yet.

Thanks to Timothy Lorenc, R. Saddler, Mike Taylor for their answeres.

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Is there something like 3rd party HW RAID controller card for
U450 that can drive the U450's internal disks ?
Sun used to sell one as X6602 but that is on "STOP-SHIP" and
according to them it won't be available before august
I have 14 disks for an U450 I'd like to use as RAID5.
When I ordered those X6602 was promised to ship by end of
february. :(


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