SUMMARY: InterDomain Network

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Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 17:29:59 CDT

Thanks to

Richard Hogg
Christian Lotz
Chris Odhner
Qureshi Malahal
Oscar Goosens
Vince Taluskie
GC-Richardson Chris
John Malick
Joel Lee
The Wizard (Mark Almeida)

I got different answers but I believe I need ssp 3.2 or
later and solaris 7 to build up IDN. Also Joel Lee
who has share with me the website. I appreciate that.


------------------- Original Questions --------------------

> Dear Sun Managers,
> Would appreciate if anyone out there can shed a
> light on how
> to implement a Inter Domain Network feature. My
> SSP is 3.0
> and OS is Solaris 2.6. I had searched thru the
> archive and sunsolve with no avail. TIA.
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