SUMMARY: RE: console framebuffer warning

From: Jangalwa, Raj (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 09:37:31 CDT

Hi Thanx to e'one who replied, this list has been a great source of

John Malick []
Todd M. Wilkinson []
Salehi, Michael E []
Pyne, Jeffrey []
David Foster [] (for the script that identifies what
kinda card you have)
Aaron []
Samir Sethi []

It came out that I dont have the proper drivers installed in the system.
Actually the Raptor 24-bit PCI based frame buffer is not supported on an OS
before Solaris 7 5/98. (as per SunSolve srbd# 19271).

Also in the Sun Solve, ( after all this mails educated me what all to look
for) I found out that I need 2 packages :-
        TSIgfxOW (GFX OpenWindows DDX for Solaris 2 (v2.1))
          TSIgfxdrv(GFX drivers for Solaris 2 (v2.1))

Although they are shiped-in with all the other versions.

Thanx to e'one again.


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> Subject: console framebuffer warning
> Hi Gururs,
> I am running Sol2.6 on a E250 machine. On the bootup I am getting
> following errors, which I think are the cause of some more problems that I
> am having in the system.
> During boot I am getting this warning
> NOTICE: Can't find driver for console framebuffer
> Does anyone knows whats causing this?? does this means that my m64 driver
> is not getting loaded?? if not, how can I load it. Although I did try
> loading it from "/platform/sun4u/kernel/drv" directory, using modload, but
> it didnt help.
> Is this also could be the reason of Xserver not starting up and failing on
> console???
> Do let me know
> TIA and will summarize
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Raj Jangalwa

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