SUMMARY: Sun RAM purchasing for SPARC 5 (update)

From: Conner McCleod (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 08:03:19 CDT

Thanks to all the people who send in their recommendations. Here in an
update on the choices for RAM and PART providers:

We know that the older SPARC systems are no longer been produced
(Discontinued Dec 1998) by SUN. We have concluded the following places to
buy RAM for older model SPARC workstations: its $142 for 32Mb for all kinds of hardware replacements on SPARC
systems., they have 32MB simms for the sparcy for $125 each. for more SUN third party sellers

Clarification: Otto, Doug recommends against Viking RAM not Kinston RAM.

Symbios UW SCSI controller (Numero Uno SCSI Card Choice!)
Antares SCSI cards (Second SCSI Card Choice)
Adaptech "No supported after Solaris 2.6, performace problems under Heavy
I/O" (Last Choice)

Thanks to all who replied.

Conner McCleod

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