SUMMARY: Account entrance by su only

From: Carlos Alonso (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 04:15:38 CDT

My original question was:

>I have a Sun Ultra 1 running Solaris 2.6. I want to create an account
>with these conditions:
> - You cannot telnet or ftp to the account.
> - The only way to get in is to su to the account and type the password.
> That way the user gets logged in /var/adm/sulog.
> - You do not need to be root to su to the account. A normal user who
> knows the password is able to su to the account.
> I want an account similar to the root account (with CONSOLE set so no
>remote login is allowed) but without special priviledges, without being
>root. Is this possible?

Thanks to the following people for their time:
Neill, Mark
Tim Evans
Arthur Darren Dunham
Mike DeMarco
Adam Levin
Christopher L. Barnard
Duane Gran
Michael Stapleton
Matthew Stier
Bismark Espinoza
jonathan loh

The concensus opinion is that I need the utility SUDO

For my particular case:

1) Create the account and lock the password. People cannot log in as that
2) Get sudo and install it. (
3) Set /etc/sudoers to allow the users in question to su to the account.
 Quick configuration:
 User_Alias ALLOWED = juan, luis, javier
 ALLOWED ALL = (account) ALL, (root) /usr/bin/su - account
4) The users can su to the account doing "sudo su - account".
 Usage is logged. They will have to enter their own password not the
 account password, as authentication.

Thanks to all who answered. It is much appreciated.

        Carlos Alonso.

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