Ultra 10 and 2.6 [SUMMARY}

From: Johnny Hall (johnny@highlander.com)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 14:59:51 CDT

There is a cd in the shrink wrapped 'Binary Code License' (with a bright green
label) docs called "Operating Environment Installation CD" Part Number:

You simply boot cdrom and answer the questions. The install looks oddly similar
to the Solaris 8 install, hmmm.

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Original Post:

>I just got an Ultra 10 (which came w/2.7) I want to install 2.6 on it but
>5/98 release I have is not working very well at all. Does anyone know if
>2.6 is
>supported on the Ultra 10 hardware, if so, what release.
>Will Summarize

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