[Summary]:sun ultra1 reboot continuesly

From: wang qian (wq@china.pages.com.cn)
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 22:12:56 CDT

Thanks to everyone that answered.

Problem:sun ultra1 reboot continuesly,follow is displayed:
   "Can't invoke /etc/init error 13
    panic[cpu0]/thread =oX6036be6013
    sycing filesystem ...done

my machine is on solaris 2.6
Could you tell me how to solve the problem expect
reinstall system?

follow is some answers:
1.try if there is a link from /etc/init to /sbin/init.
You have to boot thru CD to single user mode for this .

2.I would boot the box to single-user mode from a
Solaris install CD with 'boot cdrom -sw', and then mount
the boot disk's root partition at mount point /a. Check
the file system with 'fsck'.

3.Boot up from CD in single-user mode "boot cdrom -s"
and mount the hard disk, and see what is wrong.
I've seen similar behavior before. In that case, what had
happened was that someone had moved /sbin/init
(actually, /sbin) to another partition (/opt) which was not
good - init must be found prior to the other filesystems
(/usr, /opt, etc) being mounted. So init must /always/
live in the "/" slice. If that's the problem, moving it back
to the "/" slice and booting up would hopefully work.

4.sounds like /etc/init is broken someway, which either
means a bad disk, or deleted files:for a bad disk/bad
disks boot from CD fsck your system partitions
reboot if that fails boot from CD
restore your system backups (you do have system
backup don't you ?)
if that fails boot from CD reinstall operating system

5.Get a Solaris 2.6 CD. Boot into single user mode off
the CD (boot cdrom -s).
mount root, usr, var, opt onto /a, /a/usr /a/var /a/opt
Run this command.
pkgchk -R /a -f

If, after running that command, your system still won't
boot, copy the /etc/init over to /a/etc/init from CDROM
to your root filesystem. If that still doesn't help, do an
"upgrade" install off a Solaris 2.6 CDROM.

Summary:I have done everything suggested,but no
effect. I had to update solaris2.6 ,but it can not
be updated.So I exit.Reboot from disk,surprisingly
I find it boot normally.
Can anyone explain it?

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