SUMMARY: Jumpstart Solaris 7 question

From: Donald Maner (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 11:37:43 CDT

Thanks to Chris Knox, Michael Salehi, Ed Keizer, and Arthur Dunham for their
answers. The exact solution was based on Ed Keizer's answer and my reading
the Advanced Installation guide section regarding the jumpstart setup for
the fourth time:

Ed Keizer:

We have seen this when we had missing files at the install server. The
server is the server mentioned in the bootparam install feature.


The directory should at least contain:

We see the error you mention when we forget to copy the `.' files from the

That hint made me look at the entry in the /etc/bootparams file. I had the
install entry set to install=install-srv:/usr/export/install when it should
have been install=install-srv:/usr/export/install/sparc_2.7 What made me
change it was the fact that the sparc_2.7 directory was the one with the "."
files in it.

Thanks again, it's working great now.


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