From: Lusty Wench (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 17:24:01 CDT

It turns out this is not an autologout problem at all, but a symptom of
running through a NAT. It's the NAT session that's getting timed out,
not the shell. The solution is to run something on the client end that
keeps the NAT session alive by passing traffic periodically.


Lusty Wench allegedly said...
> I want to disable auto-logout in ksh for a particular user, and have
> run into a roadblock.
> According to the man page for ksh:
> TMOUT If set to a value greater than zero, the
> shell will terminate if a command is not
> entered within the prescribed number of
> seconds after issuing the PS1 prompt. (Note
> that the shell can be compiled with a maximum
> bound for this value which cannot be
> exceeded.)
> His TMOUT is set to 0, but he still gets logged out, which leads me
> to suspect that the shell has been "compiled with a maximum bound".
> This is the stock Solaris 2.6 /usr/bin/ksh.
> Can anybody confirm that the distributed version of ksh does have
> a TMOUT maximum compiled in, and do you know what that value is?
> Is my only option to install my own version of ksh without the
> timeout?
> Thanks
> Lusty

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