SUMMARY: Clarification: IP Address 'reservation' system?

From: Paquette, Trevor (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 10:04:01 CDT

This did indeed clear things up a bit.

The top suggestions were (in order received):

1) inventive NAT translations between offices.
        Note a solution for us as we need to be able to do some of the nasty
        Microsoft stuff that imbeds the IP in the data-stream.

2) QIP Enterprise Management software from Lucent

3) Checkpoint Meta-IP

4) IP AddressWorks from Process Software

We are now looking into (2) and (4).

Thanx to all who responded.

Original Question:

> Subject: IP Address 'reservation' system?
> Doesn't really have anything to do with Suns.. but I thought that this
> group would be a good start..
> Does anyone know of a program/application (freeware, shareware or
> commercial) that does IP address reservations? We are starting to come
> across conflicts of IP space here and we need a centralized location for
> folks to 'reserve' blocks of IP addresses, or even individual IP
> addresses.
> 'rwhois' is not the answer I'm looking for, and an excel spreadsheet
> leaves alot to be desired.
> Something that someone can pick up on and is fairly intuitive to use
> (which rwhois is not). GUI or web based would be preferred.
> If you know where I could direct this question please let me know as
> well..

On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 11:22:50AM -0600, Paquette, Trevor wrote:
> Almost everyone has suggested DHCP. This is not what I am looking for
> either. We have offices in over 15 cities and are in the process of
merging 3
> different companies together. Each company already has their own DHCP
> I need a way that the Network Admins from each group can 'reserve' blocks
> IPs for use on ANY IP device.. this includes printers, routers, switches..
> As you can see DHCP is not my answer. We don't want someone to suddenly
> decide that the class B space is going to be used for their new
> expansion; when is already being used in another city..
> Does that clear things up a bit?

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