SUMMARY: SUN UE x500 Series: - Buy now, Wait for US -III or Consi der H P N- Class?

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 10:25:24 CDT

Thanks to everyone that responded. Seems like the general concensus is stick
with SUN and wait for the US-III. For current 167 and 250 mhz based Ultra
Enterprise 2's to 6000's, the suggested thing to do is just upgrade the
CPU's (rent or lease).

Regarding current benchmarks pointing to HP's N-Class and IBM's S70/80's
current lead, it should be pointed out that the SUN's being compared to are
the old offerings. A fair comparison should be with the Ultra-III servers
(if and when they come out). But even then, the current Ultra-II servers
still show decent performance against HP and IBM...

Thanks all.


Original Post:

Sun Guru's:

A few weeks ago, I posted an inquiry as to when Ultra Sparc III based
systems will eventually come out. It seems it will be late in coming with
2001 as a more realistic time frame. We have an old 4000 and 6000 (based on
US-II 167mhz and 250mhz resp) and we are about to consider upgrades for a
soon to be production system. My question is would it be wise to stick with
SUN upgrades now (to 4500 and 6500 w/ 400 mhz CPU's) - considering that the
US-III based servers will hopefully be available next year? Or should I heed
an advice to look at the N-Class offerings from HP which reportedly is a
good alternative now for cost reasons, overall performance and it's
readiness for future IA-64 chips as will as Win2000? Could someone out there
please give an objective comparison between the HP-N class and the current
x500 series of SUN mid-range servers?

Thanks in advance and I will summarise.

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