SUMMARY:Sun client on NT DHCP

Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 06:40:02 CDT

Thanks to Mark Oslon, David Spence, Dave Miner and Sullivan Rich to their

Problem seems to be what I expected that Solaris client expect to get the
Hostname from the DHCP serer which we have not implemented as the users on
windows machine still want to keep the name of their choice to be associated
with their machines as DHCP provided names would be insensitive and monotonous.

What I was looking for was if there is any way that my hostname get registered
in DHCP or WINS database so it is resolved from other machines through DNS.
Mark is given a No to pushing of hostname to DHCP. I am still interested to know
if it is possible to register Hostname in WINS database is it register netbios
names of windows machines, may be its again a No!

David has suggest I can Either get IP from DHCP and modify hosts and nodename
files which is as far as I can go in using DHCP dynamic environment but he
acknowledge it has its shortcoming as you would not be contacted by others using
your hostname Or forget about dynamic environment and use some reserved static
IP which I am already doing.

Dave suggested coercing NT admin. to provide hostnames also with IP.
Sullivan suggested as a temporary work around use your custom start-up scripts.

So the Moral seems you can't get full functional dynamic IP in this environment
without DHCP server providing verbose Hostnames also.



Original Question:
Hi Gurus,

     I am facing problem in configuring an Ultra Sparc 1 (Solaris 2.6) in NT
(4.0) DHCP server environment. This sun machine was working fine in static IP
environment and was moved to a separate subnet which is to be controlled by a NT
DHCP server. Till now the subnet has only Windows based machines which uses this
NT server is DHCP, WINS and DNS server.

Now when i configure this sun machine as DHCP client with ifconfig comand it
works fine and get the IP perfectly. But to configure it properly on boot it
does not configure its hostname properly. The # dhcpinfo Hostname does not
return anything so the machine get its hostname as unknow. I have properly
created null hostname.qfe1 file and dhcp.qfe1 file as suggested by SUN.

Is that I can't configure it to get dynamic IP address from NT DHCP server? Or I
am missing something on configuration on this machine or some configuration is
to be done on the DHCP server. Pl. provide me with some insite into this.

Thanks in advance.

Harish Negi

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