SUMMARY: setfacl question

From: Roy Ramberg (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 02:09:07 CDT


Allready got my answer and I apologize.
Turned out my syntax had a mistake in it.

A command that works is for instance:

setfacl -s u:rwx,g:rwx,o:r-x,m:rw-,d:u::rwx,d:g::rwx,d:o:r-x,d:m:rw- tmp

My mistake was to put double colons in the first u:, g: etc.
This now works and I am able to use it.

Original question below.


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I have read all manuals, man pages, articles etc about how to use setfacl but I am simply not able to do it.

I am trying on a Sun Server 450 with Solaris 2.7 (+ recommended patches).

I try the command:

setfacl -s u::rwx,g::rw-,o::r--,m::rw-,d:u::rwx,d:g::rw-,d:o::r--,d:m::rw- tmp

tmp is a directory. Nothing seems to happen and when I do ls everything is as before.

What I really need to be able to do is this: I have a pretty strict umask (077) setting for all my users, but for some directories I want new files/dirs to be created with a different default set of permissions.

I thought I could use setfacl on directories so that when new files are created instead of having permissions set to (according to umask 077): drwx------ 20 royr mn 512 Mar 31 12:55 privat

I would rather have for instance: drwxrwsr-x 20 royr mn 512 Mar 31 12:55 privat

How the heck do I do this ??? Sincere Roy

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