SUMMARY: Oracle kernel parameters

From: Jon Earle (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 13:31:40 CDT

Thank you to all who replied - I had well over 30 responses to my query,
therefore I shan't list all the names here, but know that I do appreciate
every reply I received! Several kind souls also sent along sample Oracle
kernel parameter configs,which we shall be reviewing.

My original question was:

>A colleague is installing Oracle on a SPARC, running a recent version of
>Solaris (probably 2.6, but might be 7, not sure), and needs to tweak some
>kernel parameters. On Digital Unix, there was an /etc/sysconfigtab file
>which contained a number of parameters you could modify and would be picked
>up by the kernel on the next reboot. What is the equivalent under
>Solaris? We need to modify parameters such as max processes per user,
>shared mem. max., and various ipc options.

Everyone who replied indicated that the file to modify is
/etc/system. Many pointed out that a 'boot -r' will then be required to
reconfigure the kernel. It was also suggested that ndd can be used to
change many parameters without the need to reboot.

The following site was also given as a reference:

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