Summary: Largefile supported or not? (2)

From: Xu, Ying (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 08:55:36 CDT

After I sent out my summary 1, I got a couple more replies. Thanks.

I think Bruce Zimmer answered my question. I attached his reply below.

The first is creating the file system but not actually doing it because of
the -o N option. It shows you what it would do if the file system was
actually created. It would be created without large file support because
that is the default.

The second command returns the command line that was used to create the file
system, and there it shows that largefile support is indeed supported on
that file system. So the answer is that mkfs -F vxfs -m ..... returns the
answer you are looking for.

I do not know Oracle, but am using progress, and it is not until a specific
version of Progress that the database utilities were able to utilize files
larger than 2GB. and to this date certain utilities still do not support
them regardless of the fact that the filesystem will support them. Have
your DBA check to make sure that the export function of your release of
Oracle does indeed support largefiles.

Bruce Zimmer


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> Subject: Largefile supported or not?
> Hi, Sun managers,
> Our DBA stated that he couldnt export a table larger than 2 GB to a file
> system (vxfs). I then checked if largefile option is used when the FS was
> created, but I got different outputs from different commands.
> # /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/mkfs -F vxfs -o N /dev/vx/rdsk/s3_ora_rs/vol004
> version 4 layout
> 70696960 sectors, 4418560 blocks of size 8192, log size 128 blocks
> unlimited inodes, largefiles not supported
> 4418560 data blocks, 4418240 free data blocks
> 135 allocation units of 32768 blocks, 32768 data blocks
> last allocation unit has 27648 data blocks
> # /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/mkfs -F vxfs -m /dev/vx/rdsk/s3_ora_rs/vol004
> mkfs -F vxfs -o
> ninode=unlimited,bsize=8192,version=4,inosize=256,logsize=128,largefiles
> /dev/vx/rdsk/s3_ora_rs/vol004 70696960
> Which one gives accurate info?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Ying Xu
> ITSS - System Management

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