SUMMARY: Jumpstart name resolution

From: Karim Keshavjee (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 02:42:13 CDT

Hi all,

        thanks to all those who responded

        Imre Kolos
        EG Keizer
        Mark Halverson
        Paul Kowalenko
        Matthew Fansher
        Danny Johnson
        Matthew Stier

Matthew Stier pretty well summed it up when he said
"It sounds like you are trying to coerce technology to resolve a policy problem"

Which is absolutely true. The security standards being pushed on us have obviously
been written by a group of people who don't have to run a real, large network with
real users and applications and a mix of platforms and architectures.
There are many items within the standard which are impractical.

Fortunately however it looks like I will be able to roll back this particular change
because of this and some other problems it has caused.

Again thanks to all the others who offered various alternative suggestions -
especially EG Keizer who had come up against this before and showed how
to force bootparamd to use your own version of gethostbyname().


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