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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 02:27:07 CDT

HI again ,

First at all I want to thanks all the sun guys who responded to my
question , some mentions is necessary before I post my summary :
-documentation for configuring Solstice BACKUP is very poor (Chapter
:Configuring SB to use 2 network interface contains just 50 words )
- after you try to set the second interface by default when you
start SB it use the first one even if in /etc/init.d/networker file is
specified to start
sever with the second interface name "nsrexecd -s second interface "
, when you looking with nwadmin to the sever name , surprise .... is the
first network name
- if you looking in configuration files /nsr/res/* all the IP
addressees you can see is just first network , so it doesn't meter if
you specified in installation script all interfaces name or
just the second .

Type the ip address of the second interface into the field.

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I don't know if you got an answer on this yet or not....
When setting up the client for the secondary interface, you
need to view "Details" under the client setup, then set the
Networker Server Interface to the name of the server's
secondary name!
Matt Reynolds

the interface needs its own name
I use a different mount point,
works fine that way

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You did not mention if you are putting in a second interface
on the same physical network - i.e., another connection
to the same switch or router.....and the IP address/netmask/network

The network number is the IP address - bitwise & with the netmask.
If you do nothing, the default netmask is used, depends on the IP
address..... to is class A (I think) through are 64 * 256 different class class B
networks... through are 64*256*256 different class C

I have 4 machines that are on multiple networks.
Host A and on second
interface is
Host B and on second
interface is
Therefore, I have 2 logical networks - even though they are on the same
switch. is my primary network is my secondary network.

I can control / force traffic that is between and to use
the second ethernet port. However, when I receive messages from
110.x.x.x addresses
on that interface (, the return packets go out of the
interface...and solaris knows that network is on the primary

Caveat - this may be oversimplified...and some precise details of the
network classes may be off.

Note, having different netmasks on the public network might cause you to
calls from network engineering. In the future, we will probably NOT do
we will do things a bit, have 2 different networks
10.20.4 and 10.20.5, for example,
with the same netmask on both - still not the default, but at least


Your clients must indicate which interface they talk to:

# nsrexecd -s <second_interface>



At my last work I do this by following:

not used direct Solstice Backup save command
write script which run save command with another arguments/
one of its ( first or second, i don't remember) is adress of server

the command in script look like:

save -s <your new adress> <all another save arguments from Backup>

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You can try the following.

1) Make sure that both of your network cards ip addresses are in the
/etc/hosts file
2) Edit the following 2 files
3) look for a line that says
(//usr/sbin/nsr/nsrexecd -s HostName) > /dev/console 2>&1
All this line does is startup Solstice Backup with HostName as the
Replace the HostName with the hostname of your 2nd interface card.

Esther Muller

I've never done this but I suspect you need to do the following;

confgure your 2nd interface with a different hostname; e.g
Install Solstice Backup and when prompted for the server name use
servername.hme2. I'd be interested to know whether this works.



It's not so much a SBU configuration issue as it is a routing issue.
sure the routes to and from the backup server and clients are via your
backup net. I use DNS for all with the exception of host file entries
pre-empt DNS in the case of SBU server and client communication.

LDN . . .

In the finaly solution .... I modified in /etc/init.d/neworker
"/usr/sbin/nsr/nsrexecd -s HostName) > /dev/console 2>&1"and I replace
in /nsr/res/* files all references about
SERVER , IP address with the name and IP address of the second
interface .

Thanks to all.

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