Summary: qfe problem

From: Phil Nguyen (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 16:13:50 CDT

Thanks for the replies from Marco Greene and Matthew Stier.

The problem was the first qfe card got moved to a different SBus slot. Then
when the second card got added, the kernel just pick up from where it left
off with the first card. Doing a "boot -r" didn't help. So, I had to edit
/etc/path_to_inst to reference the qfe entries to the proper sbus slots then

I could also remove all the references to qfe in the path_to_inst then do a
"boot -r" to have the kernel rebuild the entries.


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Subject: qfe problem

I have an ultra-2 running Sol 2.7 with 2 qfe cards. My problem is the qfe
port number starts at 5 instead of 0, i.e. I have qfe5 through qfe12 instead
qfe0 through qfe7. dmesg shows the following error message

qfe4: ddi_getlongprop_buf() for hm-rev failed
qfe4: Treat this as HM 2.0
qfe4: ddi_add_intr failed

Have anybody seen this? TIA for any info.


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