SUMMARY: striping failed

From: Figen Demir (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 08:17:18 CDT

Thanks to Anthony and Oscar Goosens for their
replies.Since it was an urgent case I found the answer
myself also:My question is below:I unmounted those
external disks and made a concat and so the whole
installation of the system is completed successfully

I am trying to do a striping configuration for 3
external disks and when I am trying to move the
selected disks from the slicer window (drag-drop)onto
the aforementioned created metadevice it asks me if I
will do concatination or striping when I choose stripe

it displays a warning:
Concat/Stripe 'd0' drop error
A stripe may not contain multiple clices if one of
them is mounted
Any advice?

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