SUMMARY: NFS For High Performance File Sharing Between Aix and Solaris? Is There Something Better?

Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 17:58:57 CDT

     The original question is below.

     Many thanks to Kevin Ying, David foster, Ray Delaney, and Jeff

     Two of the respondents strongly recommended the Network Appliance NFS
filer. One said: "They are simple to administer and as close to
bullett-proof as you can get if you have battery backups."

     One recommended an NFS accelerator product, such as the one by
Veritas. This allows a quicker and more stable NFS.

     One of the respondents just wanted to give me a helpful warning: "If
you want to share SGI IRIX volumes to Solaris/SunOS, specify the
'32bitclient' option in the /etc/exports file; otherwise you will have
files disappearing etc . . ."

     Thanks to all!

               Mike Price

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Michael Price
04/03/2000 11:09 AM

Subject: NFS For High Performance File Sharing Between Aix and Solaris? Is
      There Something Better?

     We have an in-house application running on an Aix box that produce
data files thousands of times per minute. Several of our other in-house
applications read or copy the data files thousands of times per minute.
Years ago, the apps that read or copy were on different machines from the
one that writes. NFS was used for client access. However, several
problems were encountered: performance, outages due to mounts dropping, and
an inability to determine where processing left off when the mounts

     Now we are adding additional applications on Solaris that will read
these data files. Is NFS the best alternative?

     We also have a Hitachi disk subsystem in which disks are managed by
Veritas. Could we take advantage of the Hitachi to allow several hosts to
read from the same volume?

     Thanks in advance!

                         Mike Price

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