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Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 15:57:58 CDT

Thanks to all of the following person's :

Matthew Fansher Michael Stapleton
Rich Sullivan Jim Blevins
Tim Lindgren Jim Musso
Michael Salehi Bruce Wilkins
Pat McAleavey David Foster
David Schultz Buddy Lumpkin
Gordon Hopper

Most of the suggestions had to do with the /etc/resolv.conf file. I changed
it to the new IP address,then the reverse name lookups started looking, but
I still had problems with he forward lookup file, so I looked at the
forward file and found a couple of misplaced ORIGIN lines.
I edited those out, and everything is working now.

There was one suggestion to take a look at the nsswtich.conf file as well
as resolv.conf. I have not yet looked at this file, but I'm not sure if we
need this particular file.

There was also one suggestion to perform this procedure:
change the db.200.x.8 file entry as well as the db.domain name file entry...
increment the records and bounce named!

Thanks again for help and the fast responses.

Here is the original question:

Hi Sun Experts:
I recently had to change our IP address on our Sun server, ( Solaris 2.5.1)
and now the nslookup and DNS isn't working correctly. If I perform a
nslookup the server returns this:

>nslookup 200.x.8.2
>*** Can't find server name for address 200.x.2.2: No response from server
>*** Default servers are not available

I changed the IP address of the server from 200.x.2.2 -- to 200.x.8.2, but
now DNS does not work. Can anyone tell me where the config files are for

I changed the /etc/named.boot file, and the /etc/dns/primary--forward and
reverse lookup files to indicate the new IP address, and I did a kill -HUP
on the in.named process, but I can't seem to find the config file where
the old address--200.x.2.2 is coming from?

Thanks in advance

-Larry Pazdernik
-Computer Information Technician
-Kearney Public Schools

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