Summary: cvcd on E10K

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 13:43:29 CDT

I'd been seeing the following on a domain of an E10k...

Mar 28 19:36:53 myhostname /sbin/cvcd-(HOSTNAME:myhostname) TLI socket write err
or Resource temporarily unavailable

Thanks to:
  Alfredo De Luca
  Brendan Choi
  Josh Wyatt
  Lee, Annette
  Peter L. Buschman
  Shedd, Graham
  Stephen Oxley
  Steve Harris
  benedetto lo giudice

Basically this can happen if the virtual console is unable to talk to
the SSP (eg bad ssphosts file, netcon not running properly on the SSP) etc.
Whenever a console message should appear, a communications error can cause
this line to be raised.

Useful tips:
  Mailing list:
      (seems to be in "startup" mode, with little traffic)

  Check /etc/ssphosts is correct. Verify /etc/hosts is correct. If
  cvcd chewing up large amounts of CPU then it's having trouble talking
  to the SSP

  Restart all netcon's on SSP

  Patch SSP and domain,



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