SUMMARY: File sharing

From: Grant Lowe (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 11:35:54 CDT


Here's my original message:

We have an Ultra 450, 2 GB RAM and 2 CPUs. Attached to it we have an EMC
storage array along with an ADIC tape library. We want to backup user data
files to the E450. We have an HSM solution from UniTree that we're trying
to put together. Using samba, we've run some tests and find that we are
getting very poor performance with samba. I've run iostat, nfsstat and
rpcbind and have found Solaris looks fine. samba and/or UniTree seem to be
the problem. In one test we ran, we renamed files. UniTree/samba only gave
us one file rename a second. UniTree says that it should be around 20
renames a second. Does anybody have any real-life experiences with any
other HSM solution? Would Hummingbird's Maestro work faster than samba?

I only got one reply, from David Anthony. He said:

Did you look at the things covered in the samba document Speed.txt provided
with the source distribution?

I'm checking that out and running some tests. If anybody else has any other
suggestions, I would appreciate a response. Thanks.


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